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    Outward Bound is an experience unlike anything else that you will have done, or will possibly do again.

Outward Bound

Outward Bound South Africa is situated in Sedgefield in the Western Cape, and in Venterskroon outside of Potchefstroom and easily accessible to Gauteng Schools as well as the North West Province and the Free State.

Outward Bound is an experience unlike anything else that you will have done, or will possibly do again. It is YOUR personal Journey of Discovery where you will spend time with a group of people carrying out challenges and taking part in adventures while learning about your real potential and capabilities.

At Outward Bound you will learn through experiences where the outdoors are your classroom and all the activities are designed to promote learning that can be transferred back to home, work and school.

What you had to say…

“I was able to challenge myself beyond any other way I could’ve ever thought possible and tried and participated in activities that I would have never ever tried at home or under normal circumstances.”

Twin Rivers Rehabilitation Centre Programme

“I thought I wouldn’t be strong enough physically, I remember even warning my team that I might be a liability, but I proved myself wrong. Being selfless and learning to compromise is a huge challenge, especially for me. I am someone who always prefers to do things on my own but teamwork really does strengthen us.”

Raymond Ackerman Academy Programme

“Tired, hungry, exhausted, dirty, and yet at the same time you feel accomplished, proud and have more confidence than before. Outward Bound has been one of the most amazing memories ever in my life.”

Bridge House College Programme

“Uphill that never seemed to end. Tenacity comes and at the end when you’ve pulled through, the feeling joy and happiness overwhelms you.”

St Benedict’s College Programme

“I learned that the size of your achievements are measured by your attitude and approach. I learned that failure is a serious disease caused by doubt.”

South African Association of Youth Clubs Programme

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